Locamoliets, Inc. is a company providing apartment management service for both vendor and renter. Our team operates in 4 major states: New York, Philadelphia, California, and South Carolina.

Locamoliets, currently ranks 1st amongst the top 50 U.S. Flat Managers according to the 2014 National Multi Real Estate Council Study. Our cutting-edge business models integrate our global system with the local market expertise, creating another success story. Every area is managed by a real estate professional, knowing the regional law and understand the local consumer behavior.

Our service includes but not limited to:
1. Apartment cleaning and maintenance
2. Renting, buying and selling assistance
3. Property listing and advertisement
4. Apartment remodeling

We offer an affordable solution to keep your property value high. We work professionally within your budget and have a network from different background to support our mission.